Rubtech 2018


India International Rubber Conference & Expo (IIRCE) on Advancement in Testing Equipment, Measuring System & Automation in Rubber Industry.




27.09.18  D. BANERJEE    800 09.30 - 11.30  Inauguration 
11.30  - 12.00                                   TEA BREAK 
12.00 - 15.15  Plenary - Chairman: V.K. Misra 
12.00 - 12.45  Plenary (P1) - Sadhan C. Jana (University of Akron, USA)  
Trade-off Between Filler Dispersion and Hystersis. 
12.45 - 13.30  Plenary (P2) - Anil K. Bhowmick (IIT Kharagpur, India)  
Thermoplastic Elastomers: The Materials for the Present and Future Automobile Industry in India. 
13.30 - 14.30                                   LUNCH BREAK 
14.30 - 15.15  Plenary (P3) - Vinod Simon, Rubber Skill Development Council, India
MSME -Success Lies on Skill and Testing Infrastructure Development. 
15.15 - 15.45  TEA BREAK 
15.45-18.15  Static & Non destructive testing of tyres and other products (S-I).  Testing of rubber , rubber products and allied industries (S-II).    Tyre indoor and out door testing, Field testing (S-III).   
  Chairman: Tom K. Thomas  Chairman: R.K. Matthan  Chairman: M.P Kanjolia   
15.45-16.15  Technique for the elimination of vibratory and resonant signal distortion in highway speed uniformity measurement systems”. Carbon Black Reinforcement of Rubber for Anti-Vibration Applications. Tire Contact Patch Measurements under high slip angle and braking/traction moments.                                                               Stephan Koehne   
Greg Meine (TMSI LLc, USA)  Lewis B. Tunnicliffe (Birla Carbon, USA)  (TestingService , Germany)   
16.15- 16.45  Non-destructive testing of tyres by shearography.                                                   Stefan Dengler   Resorcinol Free Resins for Adhesion of Steel Tyre Cord.                                          Anshu S. Ghosal   Measure Dynamic Rolling Resistance on the highway.                                                    Alan Bennetts (Bay Systems, UK)   
(SDS Systemtechnik, Germany)  (Singh Plasticisers, India)     
16.45 -17.15  Failed Rubber Processing. Using the RPA (Rubber Process Analyzer) for investigation of the root cause of failure.                Testing of Rubber to Substrates Bonding. Durability Rig Test - Detecting impending tyre failure.                                 Alan Bennetts (Bay Systems, UK)   
Henri G Burhin & Thomas Rauschmann (TA instruments, USA)  Vijaya Kumar Shetty (LORD, India)     
17.15 -17.45  Measure of IRHD Hardness relaxation and IRHD hardness hysteresis to predict the cure level of rubber parts.                    Mauro Belloni (Gibitre, Italy)  Significance of statistical analysis in standard laboratory performance – Repeatability and Reproducibility, Inter lab Correlation & Proficiency Testing.            Ajay C (HASETRI, India)  Importance of Rolling Resistance of Tyres in Fuel Economy of Vehicles.      Nitesh Sukula (IRMRA, India)   
17.45-18.15  Prediction of Rolling Resistance Factor (RRF) for Conveyor belt. Sustainability through Testing - MSME Perspective.    
S. L. Agrawal (Reliance Industries, India)  K. Rajkumar (IRMRA, India)     
28.09.18  D. BANERJEE    800 9.00-10.30  Plenary - Chairman: R. Mukhopadhyay  
09.00-9.45  Plenary (P4) - Sabu Thomas (MG university, India) 
 Advances in the Characterization of  Functional Rubber Composites and Nanocomposites. 
9.45-10.30  Plenary (P5) - Rajiv Budhraja (ATMA, India) 
Tyre Testing: Key to Meet Demanding Export Requirement and Emerging Legislation. 
10.30-11.00                                    TEA BREAK  
11.00-13.00  Material Characterisation & testing  Testing of rubber , rubber products and allied industries (S-V).   Advancement in testing equipment , measuring systems& Automation in Rubber Industry (S- VI).   
(S-IV).   Chairman: Rani George  Chairman: Virendra Rathod   
Chairman: Anil Bhowmick        
11.00-11.30  NXT* Silane: Broad formulation latitude with ease of processing for high performance tires.       Analysis of Carbon black Dispersion at the Macro & Micro scale in basic SBR compounds in relation to Monte Carlo modelling of network formation.   Charles R. Herd (Birla Carbon, USA)  Transformative opportunities in production system and machinery design.  
Aaron Ryba (Momentive, USA)  Mike Hovey (Bartell Systems, USA)   
11.30-12.00  Advanced silica characterization and its importance for in-rubber performance. J.C. Nian   Development and evaluation of sustainable new latex and grades dry natural rubber grades for downstream product application. Inline Process Control for Continuous Mixing Solutions-Rhenowave.  
(Evonik, Taiwan)  R K Matthan   Cristian Oprisoni    
  (Vystar Corporation, India)  (Rhein Chemie, Germany)   
12.00-12.30  Advanced steel tyre cord test systems for ensuring quality. Development of Silicone rubber based high voltage insulators and prediction of service life through environmental and accelerated aging processes. Technological Innovations in Rubber Compounding Machines.                                         D N Suvarna  (Bainite, India)   
Amol Patil (Bekaert, India)  D Khastgir (IIT Kharagpur, India)   
12.30-13.00  Characterization  and evaluation of the in-situ generated Silica v/s conventional Silica on SBR/ Devulc NR/ GO composite. Dipankar Chattopadhyay Functionalisation of diene rubbers with bio based multifunctional additives. Simulation and evaluation of extrusion dies for rubber profiles.                                      Santanu Chattopadhyay  
(University of Calcutta, India )  G B Nando (IIT Bhubaneswar, India)   (IIT Kharagpur, India)   
13.00-14.00  LUNCH BREAK   
14.00-16.00  Material Characterisation & testing  Testing of rubber , rubber products and allied industries (S-VIII).   Advancement in testing equipment , measuring systems& Automation in Rubber Industry (S-IX).   
(S-VII).  Chairman: Arup Kumar Chandra  Chairman: B Jayamani   
Chairman: Sabu Thomas       
14.00-14.30  Synthesis, Characterization and Adhesive Property Analysis of Poly(butyl acrylate-co-α-methyl styrene) Copoplymer.                                                                              Abhijit Bandyopadhyay  National and international standardization activity for testing of rubber & rubber products. Digitalization in manufacturing industry = revolution?                                                                  Aki Nurminen (Black Donuts, Finland)   
(University of Calcutta, India)  Chandrakesh Singh (BIS ,India)   
14.30-15.00  Polybutadiene Rubbers - RPA PDI and Linkage with processing and performance. Performance testing ,  evaluation and trouble shooting of curing bladders.             Doug Pierce(Polymer Ind Products, USA)  Actual trends in extrusion of tire components.  
Bharat B Sharma (Reliance Ind. Ltd India)  Torsten Sauer  
  (KraussMaffei Berstorff, Germany)   
15.00-15.30  Measurement of Poly dispersity Index (PDI) for SBR & FKM using Rubber Process Analyser (RPA).                                                                              Vivek  K.T   Rubber Product Performance Consistency through testing .                  Dilip Dhupia (Alpha-Technologies, USA)  Air Pollution Control System for Tyre Industry.  
(Gujarath Fluoro Chemials, India)  Johoon Hur (DAEYANG E&I, Korea)   
15.30-16.00  Application of Small angle (X-ray and neutron) scattering technique for characterization of rubber compounds in tyre and non-tyre applications. Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Vaidehi Gupta (Z Labs Zeppelin, India)  Conversion of Screw Actuator Calenders to Servo Hydraulic Operation              
N C Das(IIT Kharagpur, India)     Tim Fisher (FACTS INC, USA)   
16.00-16.30 TEA BREAK   
 16.30-18.30  Material Characterisation & testing Microscopy & Forensic analysis (S-XI).  Measuring system/Technique (S-XII).   
(S-X).  Chairman: K. Rajkumar  Chairman: B.B. Sharma   
Chairman: Saikat Das Gupta       
16.30-17.00 Characterisation of mechanically devulcanised natural rubber vulcanisates. Quantitative Measurement of Physical Properties at Nanometer Scale in Rubber. Laser diffraction technique: An approach to determine aggregate size distribution of carbon black.                                                                       Tapas Ranjan Mohanty    
Anu Mary Joseph(RRI, India )  Wanxin Sun (Bruker, Singapore) (Apollo Tyres, India )  
17.00-17.30 Testing Hyperbranched Polymers in Various Rubber Products.                           Srijoni Sengupta  Use of Modulus Profiling to Understand Product Integrity.                                                     C. Jayachandran  (ARDL, USA) Assessment of devulcanization vis-à-vis molecular degradation in CV-NR compound through various test methods.                                                      Soumen Sardar     
(University of Calcutta, India) (University of Calcutta, India)  
17.30-18.00 Evaluation of  physico-mechanical and thermal degradation properties of latex assisted Nanocomposites for tyre application. A structured methodology for tyre forensic analysis.   Assessment of reuse of scrap rubber products in different applications through various test methodology.                            Avik Mukherjee   
Upendra Kulshrestha   Krishna Prasad (Bekaert, India) (University of Calcutta, India)  
(Manipal University, India)      
18.00-18.30 Following the Connected Tire of Smart Manufacturing Industry 4.0 digital factory, from raw materials and complete PLM, through new business concepts like fleet management or pay per mile. Experimental study of effect of Ageing on Mechanical properties & Fracture Pattern of Rubbers.   A Study on Life Cycle of Retreaded Tyres Using Destructive Testing Methods.                                                                           Poulomi Dasgupta   
Jos Uijlenbroek (FineLine Tech,USA) Rachit Tyagi (Maruti Suzuki, India) (University of Calcutta, India)  
29.09.18  D. BANERJEE    800 9.00-9.45  Plenary - Chairman: P.J. Xavier 
Plenary (P6) - Seshu Baghavathulla  (Ashok Leyland, India)
Future Requirements on the Tyre/ Rubber industry from a Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer. 
9.45-12.00 Dynamic testing of rubber compounds (S-XIII).  Reverse engineering and reconstruction of compounds     
Chairman: Samar Bandyopadhyay  (S-XIV).     
  Chairman: Abhijit Banerjee     
9.45-10.15 Industry trends  in Fatigue Testing of Rubber Reinforcement Materials. Analytical - Physical Techniques and concepts for DNA mapping of rubber vulcanizates.    
Van Bogaert Philippe (Bogimac, Belgium) Rohit Ameta (Apollo Tyres, India)     
10.15-10.45 Mechanical testing with new automated dynamic mechanical analysis method. Quantitative estimation of Antioxidants using GC-MS Technique in cured rubber components.    
Favier Arnaud (METRAVIB, France) Tirthankar Bhandary (HASETRI, India)     
10-45-11.15 Mileage Evaluation of TBR tyre based on NR and NR/SSBR tread compounds. Determination of BR/SBR Blend Ratio using GC-MS Technique in Tyre Tread.    
Vivek Bhandari  (Arlanxeo, India) Aratrika Banerjee (HASETRI, India)     
11.15-11.45 Determination of fatigue crack growth of elastomeric compounds using Tear Fatigue Analyser. Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) to quantitatively measure the amount of filler present in the phases of polymer blend.    
Jagannath Chanda (HASETRI, India)  Dinesh K Kotnees (IIT Patna, India)    
11.45-12.00  TEA BREAK     
12.00-14.00  Dynamic testing of rubber compounds (S-XV).  Reverse engineering and reconstruction of compounds     
Chairman: Aziz (PIPCO)  (S-XVI).     
  Chairman: A.K. Mathur     
12.00-12.30  Advanced Static Dynamic Rheological Testing  for Rubber Compounds in Quality Control and R&D Applications. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) for quantitatively measuring the amount of preferentially grown in-situ nanosilica particles in the phases of polymer blend.     
Ralf Baeuerlein (MonTech, Germany)  P.R. Sreenath  (IIT Patna, India)     
12.30-13.00  Characterization of Cut and Chip Behavior with an Instrumented Laboratory Device. Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) for quantitatively measuring the amount of sepiolite Nanoclay selectively localized in the phases of polymer blend.    
(Martin Stenicka Polymer Research Laboratory, Czech Republic)  M.S. Satyanarayana (IIT Patna, India)     
13.00-13.30  New Dynamic Mechanical Analysis   (DMA) Technology for Elastomers.

  New functional SSBR for low rolling resistance tire 

Jaeyoung Ko, Kumho Petrochemical Co. Ltd. (KKPC), Korea

Raj Ganesh Jegadeesan (TA instruments, India)     
13.30-14.00  Dynamic Adhesion Test of Rubber- Cord Composite Using an In-house Developed Equipment.       
 Mukesh Paliwal (HASETRI, India)     
14.00-15.00  LUNCH BREAK     
NOTE: Please submit your presentation and CV to Dr Arup Chandra. If already submitted. Please ignore this message.MATTER VERY URGENT.


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